Services offered by Commerciale Fond s.p.a.

Every day the qualified staff of COMMERCIALE FOND S.p.A. makes itself available to the Customers to help them in the choice of the solution that better suits their working needs, transferring the own knowledge and experience into the trade of metals and plastic materials in bars, plates and castings. The services offered by COMMERCIALE FOND S.p.A. are divided into:

CUTTING TO SIZE - Thanks to its efficient cutting department, the company is able to transform the material from standard dimensions to the sizes that better suit the different needs of the customers (see “Machine Pool” for more details). The dimensional cutting tolerance can be found on the page Cutting Tolerance on the technical catalogue.

DEEP DRILLING-MACHINING OF ROUND, SQUARE AND FLAT BARS – COMMERCIALE FOND S.p.A. executes deep drilling operations on full bars, with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum external diameter for drilling: Ø400 mm.
  • Maximum inside diameter for drilling: Ø200 mm.
  • Maximum length for drilling: 3’100mm.

The main advantages offered with the service of deep drilling-machining are:

  • Possibility to obtain pipes with length up to 3’000mm from full bars (in continuous casting it is not possible to produce hollow bars) .
  • Recovery of the coming internal bar by core boring, with a resulting cost reduction.
  • Inside diameter achieved by mechanical process and, therefore, concentric to the external diameter.

MILLING/ROUGH-MACHINING – COMMERCIALE FOND S.p.A. executes rough-machining and squaring of bars and blocks in cast iron and all materials commercialized, with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum length for milling: 3500 mm.
  • Maximum width/height for milling: 300 mm.
  • Dimensional tolerance achievable on the thickness of the bar: +/- 0,05 mm.
  • Roughness: according to customer specifications, to be defined before placing the order.

The main advantages offered with the service of metal rough-machining and milling are:

  • Rough-machining made directly by the supplier at low costs because it is executed on entire bars.
  • Longer tool life in the machinery of the customer because the most “abrasive” external crust is preventively removed with suitable equipment.
  • Easiness and precision while placing the pieces, as they are supplied already perfectly squared.
  • Elimination of any defect potentially present in the “crust” of the cast iron bar
  • Reception of bars or cut pieces ready for final machining.
  • Length of the milled bars up to 3500 mm. (standard length 3000 -0/+200 mm.)
  • Less weight transported, with consequent saving on the transport costs. (see “Machine Pool” for more details).

PEELING OF CAST IRON BARS - The peeling of round bars in cast iron is the quick removal of the machining allowance. We can offer this service with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum section for peeling: Ø60mm.
  • Maximum length for peeling: 3.100 mm.
  • Standard dimensional tolerance on the diameter: h.9
  • Maximum achievable tolerance on the diameter: h.11
  • Standard roughness: Rz.16

The main advantages offered with the service of peeling on the round bars in cast iron are::

  • Quick and economical removal of the machining allowance.
  • Possibility of “taking” the peeled bars with automatic pliers for machining on lathes with bar passage.
  • Reduction of costs in the machining of medium and large series.

SERVICE OF COMMERCIALIZATION OF STEEL CASTINGS PRODUCED THROUGH THE “LOST WAX” SYSTEM – The technical department of Commerciale Fond s.p.a. is able to offer the customers qualified consultancy in the design of models and castings, aimed to the achievement of the best relation between quality, functionality and cost of the object realized (see “Lost Wax Castings” for more details).

SERVICE OF COMMERCIAL AGENCY OF FOUNDRIES – The company offers a service of technical and commercial consultancy for the realization of castings in Lamellar Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, Special Alloyed Cast Iron and Aluminium Alloys in gravity casting and die casting, with the collaboration of Italian foundries of primary importance (see “Sand Castings” for more details).

MANAGEMENT OF THE CERTIFIED QUALITY SYSTEM – Since 1997 Commerciale Fond has received from the RINA authority the certification of compliance of its Quality Management with the Standard ISO 9001, subsequently updated into the Standard ISO 9001:2008. We are thus able to guarantee our customers the full traceability of our products and the application of standardized procedures in all departments, both productive and commercial. (see the page “Quality” for more details).