Roll dresser

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Roll dresser

The new “ roll dresser “ of Commerciale Fond s.p.a. is finally ready !!!

Accepting the demands of our customers we have improved the external surface, paying high attention to the removal of all burrs.

We have also improved the technological characteristics, increasing the hardness of the material in order to prolong its life time during the use, thus reducing the operating costs.

All what above described has been achieved by reducing the production costs, making this product extremely competitive on the national market.

The sizes and weight are not changed; here they are:

  • Central hole: Ø11,5mm.
  • Height of the central hub: 13mm.
  • Weight: Kg/cad.0,12

Our “roll dressers” are supplied already packed in cartons of 250 pieces each (minimum order quantity).

For more information you can contact our Sales Agents (see page “Sales Network” in this website), our commercial staff or the undersigned, at the headquarters in Modena.

Marco Maletti
Commerciale Fond s.p.a.

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