For over 40 years the goal is the total Customer satisfaction

Born from the passion of “four big friends who wanted to organize something to do for when they would be retired” the Company COMMERCIALE FOND S.p.A. has a very precise mission, remained unchanged for over 40 years of activity: to offer the companies an always more complete service in the metal distribution.

The strength is the wide range of materials available at stock which includes bars, tubes, plates and sheets in aluminum, bronze, cast iron, brass, copper and semi-finished plastic materials: the numerous products available at stock allow the Customers to promptly receive by an unique and reliable supplier all the materials necessary for the production, reducing the high costs of transportation and management.

The service center, equipped with the best machines, offers a service of cutting to size of bars and plates in cast iron and all non-ferrous metals commercialized, while the innovative milling department executes, operations of rough-machining and squaring of cast iron bars, in standard length and up to 3400 mm, a service offered exclusively by COMMERCIALE FOND for these lengths on the Italian market. Starting from 2017, it was also activated a Deep Drilling Center capable of drilling square and round bars, with external diameters up to ø400mm with length of 3’100mm and a Round Bars Peeling Service capable of providing peeled bars with a diameter up to ø60mm and length of 3’100mm, with maximum tolerance h.11.

The widespread presence of COMMERCIALE FOND in the Italian territory is supported by the warehouses in Emilia Romagna, Lombardia and Piemonte, by the competence of local distributors and Selling Agents carefully chosen from the Company that offer the customer technical and commercial assistance and punctual deliveries throughout the country, islands included.

The success and excellence of the products and services offered by COMMERCIALE FOND, confirming the constant commitment of the staff inside, are certified by the quality system in compliance with the Standard UNI-EN ISO 9001 obtained in 1997, one of the first quality systems applied to commercial companies and the first applied to a metal trading company in the whole Italian territory.