Milling and Rough-machining of bars

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Milling and Rough-machining of bars

We inform our Customers that, starting from May 2012, the service of pre-machining through milling of the products commercialized has been introduced at our headquarters in Modena.

The main advantages that we can offer with this service are:

  • Rough-machining made directly by the supplier at low costs.
  • Longer tool life in the machinery of the customer because the most “abrasive” external crust is preventively removed with suitable equipment.
  • Easiness and precision while placing the pieces, as they are supplied already perfectly squared.
  • Elimination of any defect potentially present in the “crust” of the cast iron bar.
  • Reception of bars or cut pieces ready for final machining.
  • Length of the milled bars up to 3500 mm. (standard length 3000 -0/+200 mm.).
  • Less weight transported, with consequent saving on the transport costs.

This machining is performed through a milling machine with brand name Remacontrol, Leonard model, with the following technical specifications:

  • Maximum length for milling: 3500 mm.
  • Maximum width/height for milling: 300 mm.
  • Dimensional tolerance achievable on the thickness of the bar: +/- 0,05 mm.
  • Roughness: according to customer specifications, to be defined before placing the order.

In case of interest, you are kindly invited to contact us to verify the costs and the features of the service.

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