Investment castings

Since many years we operate in the field of Lost Wax Castings (also called Precision Castings or Investment Castings).
We commercialize, after joint study with the customer about the piece to be developed, steel castings of any type (construction steels, case hardening steels, stainless and heat resistant steels), with weights ranging from a few grams up to 100 Kg./pc. We can also supply investment castings in aluminium and bronze alloys.
The peculiarity of the castings produced by lost wax system is the reduction of the time required for the subsequent machining operations, because the technology used allows to obtain very tight dimensional tolerance on the raw piece (see Investment Casting Tolerance Table, below specified) and extremely complex shapes, not achievable with other casting methods.

We can also supply pieces complete of machining, heat treatment and surface treatment (electro-polishing, polishing, galvanizing, etc …).
With this technology it is possible to develop parts normally obtained with other production methods such as welding, machining from full sections, braze welding, etc … and with complex geometry, thus obtaining considerable cost savings and better quality of the product.

Investment Casting Tolerance Table



0 – 10

± 0,12

10 – 15

± 0,20

15 – 20

± 0,25

20 – 30

± 0,30

30 – 50

± 0,40

50 – 75

± 0,50

75 – 100

± 0,65

100 – 125

± 0,80

125 – 150

± 1,00

150 – 175

± 1,20

175 – 200

± 1,50

200 – 250

± 1,80

> 250

± 0,8%

In conclusion, it is convenient to consider the Steel Investment Casting in the following 5 cases:

  • When the designer has to realize particularly complex pieces.
  • When the dimensional tolerance are such that they can be obtained directly on the investment casting (see Investment Casting Tolerance Table, above specified).
  • When it is necessary to obtain braze welded, welded or riveted pieces in one body.
  • When the castings to be produced have to be developed in alloys particularly resistant to wear and tear or high temperatures (such as “stellite” or “Nickel-Cobalt” alloys), in order to avoid further complex and difficult machining operations because of the characteristics of the material.
  • When it is necessary to reduce the production costs lowering the machining times.

For any further information, our technicians are at your disposal to offer, at and after the design stage, a service of technical and commercial consultancy aimed to optimize the technical characteristics of the project and the minimization of the costs for the production of the investment castings.

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