Castings in Cast Iron and Aluminium

We can supply castings in cast iron and aluminium, providing a service of commercial and technical consultancy aimed to optimize the project for the achievement of the best relation between quality and price. Such a service is developed in collaboration with four Italian foundries of primary importance that, combining their own different characteristics, are able to meet all technical requirements concerning dimensions, quantities and types of alloys produced.

Cast Iron Castings:
We represent two foundries able to produce castings in small and medium series with weights up to Kg./casting 3’000 for the lamellar cast iron and ductile cast iron and weights up to Kg.1’500 for castings in special cast iron.
Types of cast iron produced.
Ductile cast iron: full range from GJS.400/18 to GJS.800/2 and special high-strength cast iron (A.D.I), corrosion resistant cast iron (Ni-Resist), etc …
Lamellar cast iron: full range from GJL.250 to GJL.350 and special cast iron resistant to heat (Si.Mo.), wear and tear (Ni-Hard), etc …

Aluminium Castings
We represent two foundries able to produce castings in medium and large series in gravity shell casting, with castings up to Kg. 20 and die-casting, with presses of 250 Ton., 400 Ton. and 700 Ton. We can produce any Aluminium alloy in shell casting and die-casting and Zama alloys in die-casting. All castings in aluminium and zama can be supplied painted, machined finished, tested and pre-assembled in small sets.

The foundries represented by Commerciale Fond have a “Quality System” certified in accordance with the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001-2008.

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